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Jacob Adriaensz Backer - Venus and Adonis

Adonis, the most beautiful man in the world, is the product of an accursed, incest relationship. He is so beautiful that even the Goddess of Love falls desperately in love with him.

Peter Paul Rubens - Venus and Adonis - 1614
Peter Paul Rubens - Venus and Adonis - 1635
Peter Paul Rubens - Venus and Adonis - mid 1630’s

Besides her, all the other goddesses fall for him as well. They all want to have him.

John William Waterhouse - The Awakening of Adonis - 1899
James Thomas Northcote - Adonis
Antonio Canova - Venus and Adonis - 1794

Aphrodite, upon hearing that Adonis was set up and would be killed, tries to save him; but she can’t prevent his morbid fate from happening. 

Titian - The Venus of Urbino - 1538

Her love dies in her arms. The white rose, the symbol of Aphrodite, turns red with Adonis’s blood.

Luca Cambiaso - Venus and Adonis - 1560-65
Benjamin West - Venus Lamenting The Death Of Adonis - 1768
Cornelis Holsteyn - Venus and Amor Mourning the Death of Adonis - 1655

Since that day, Adonis’s blood drips from the hands of everyone who tries to vulgarly have the rose, and there he comes to life.

Renee Magritte - The Tomb of The Wrestlers - 1958
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