Sir Ian McKellen

By tanerLabAdmin April 5, 20170 6

I had the pleasure to host Sir Ian McKellen in my studio today; and our gathering included art, friends, Hockney, Bacon, and LGBTI. Ian McKellen and Michael Cashman have an important position among the LGBTI movement as activists since the 70’s.

Ian McKellen is one of the most esteemed performers of Shakespeare’s King Lear. He told us that he is preparing for 80 different King Lear performances on 80 different stages, for his 80th year in this world. Along with being incredibly knowledgeable about art, he also knew in which museum the sculpture I was painting was, and gave me surprising details about my exhibition at S2 London “I Love You” : For example, he said that I gave a most contrary answer to the London art scene, which
was expecting me to deliver a traditional Orientalism from within.

It felt really refreshing to meet these young men, for reminding us the
heavy load on our shoulders not to offend social sensibilities.

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