To Forgive

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TO FORGIVE - Taner Ceylan

Voicing a sentence is no laughing matter; arbitrariness and ordinariness mean production and labor turning into dust. Some matters are too dense and complicated to be subject to leisure entertainment; especially in the context of LGBT issues.

Let’s start out with the hardest:

In meditation, one of the key mantras is the sentence; “I forgive everyone and everything, including myself.”

Conjecturally, the world’s population is 8 billion. Inferentially, again, there are 2 billion Christians, 1.5 billion Muslims, 500 million Jewish believers, and 4000 other religions.

For nearly all of them, being homosexual is forbidden. It is perceived as the biggest threat to humankind reproduction. However, there are believers and non-believers, people who reproduce and not reproduce as LGBT individuals. Being conscientious and compassionate is a fundamental human virtue independent from doctrines and genders.

The Orlando Massacre tore our hearts apart. Our wounds are still open with all the young people who are executed and killed, everyday, for their sexual orientation; but we are, now more than ever, in need of new formulas, and the “unheard of.”

We are past the 80’s and 90’s, and way past looking at concepts single-centered, and single-layered. The fact that the differences in generation, in race, in nation, in religion, not trying to understand each other, and not empathizing with each other is progressing so fast should call on everyone to be better viewers and understand.

Let it be known that the LGBT community has supported a wide range of organizations over the years; supporting worker’s rights and women’s rights, and all the oppressed, including environmental issues and animal rights. Lately, the LGBT community is especially carrying out the most significant resistance and campaigns against homophobia and Islamophobia.

The construction of a new, modern, and inspiring world starts with forgiving. A lot can be said upon devastation and pain, and for good reason. However that would only entrench a wreck. The hard thing is being optimistic, being hopeful for better. We have to give our attention to our potential of building up the golden age, not our wounds. This is the time to forgive the old, without holding anger, and leave behind. Come what may!

Yes, this fast, and this urgent.

Bağışlamak - Taner Ceylan - Cumhuriyet - 14 Haziran 2016
This article appeared in Cumhuriyet Newspaper on 14th of June 2016
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